With a Side of Thievery...

#2 in the Black Jade Dragon Series

Here we go again! Angie Tanaka can't seem to stay out of trouble. She finds herself haunted by a cute little hungry ghost and a not-so-cute demon who has a special hell kept warm just for dragons.

And this is how it all starts:

I needed to steal something.

I don't mean I really wanted something in particular. I mean I wanted to steal something.

So to scratch that itch I was climbing up the side of the Twelve Treasure Museum to a hidden floor not open to the public. It was supposed to be haunted. That was perfect. Perfect for me anyway.

I'm Angie Tanaka, the one woman crime wave. That's what it says on my business cards. I stumbled across this museum one day when I was bored and feeling too much like an upright citizen....

I pulled myself up onto the roof—the first level of the house, anyway. It was an old-fashioned Chinese pagoda built like a wedding cake. The outside was covered with the Asian version of gingerbread. The carvings and embellishments had a dragon theme, but a lot of things are decorated with dragons on Shaolong, the Land of Nine Dragons. Real ones. I'm being honest here. I bullshit a lot—I was kidding about the business cards—but not about this.

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