Hands of the

A Modern Interpretation of the Dhammapada

This ancient book of Buddhist wisdom is older than the Bible. Rewritten in clear, clean modern language, the words of the Buddha will connect with the modern reader. The Dhammapada has been called the distilled essence of Buddhism. In 423 brief verses, said to be actual sayings from the Buddha himself, you will find inspiration and guidance.

"We are what we think about. All our lives are founded on our thoughts and our world is made up of our thoughts. Like the wagon drawn after an ox, suffering will follow a deluded mind."
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"We are what we think about. When our minds are clear and disciplined, happiness will follow us as faithfully as our shadow."
—From The Hands of the Buddha

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Rewriting the Buddha

So I told myself the Dhammapada is one of the oldest books of Buddhist thought. I should read it. What I wanted was a nice simple readable version that I could dip into. The Dhammapada isn’t something you read straight through like a novel. It’s basically a collection of aphorisms, little short sayings, like a box of really, really good fortune cookies.

I quickly discovered that most translations are completely unreadable, some more than others. A few of the more modern ones attempt to clarify the language—I don’t think I’m the first person to notice the readability problem. However, I may be the first person that noticed the problem who was a writer and not a translator.


The Three Jewels of Buddhism are the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.

Almost everyone has heard of the Buddha but the other two words, Dharma and Sangha, are usually strange to western ears. In Buddhism, taken together, they are known as “The Three Jewels.” The first part of this book will consider the life of the Buddha. The second part will give an overview of the Dharma, the body of Buddhist teachings. The third section, the Sangha, will illuminate the lives of a few teachers who have shared those teachings with us.

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