I'm eclectic and write just about everything - mystery, fantasy, Buddhism, evolution, marijuana, politics and much more. I even write about writing sometimes. Most authors funnel their readers into different convenient categories so that you don't see something you aren't interested in.

I don't do that as an author or a reader.

The Daily Beast used to have a tagline "Read this, skip that." 
Yes, exactly! Members of my street team will get alerted to fiction, nonfiction, extreme silliness, deadly seriousness, and everything in between.

My current work in progress is the long-awaited (by me, anyway) sequel to Murder on the Waterfront. Therefore, as my THANK YOU for subscribing to my newsletter you will receive a short story "Letters from a Dead Man" to introduce you to Lady Margaret and her long-suffering friend Inspector Monahan.

Yes, introduce me to Lady Margaret!

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